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Adetunji, T., & Isah Baba, A. (2020). Impact Of Training And Retraining On Career Development: A Focus On sThe Staff Of Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic, Sokoto Sokoto State. BAKOLORI JOURNAL OF GENERAL STUDIES, 10, 2940-2954.

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Generally, the success of an organization is always known to be tied to the overall performance of its workforce or staff. The reason is simply because they are not only its major assets but its driving force. However, in today’s world, staff organizational life in the workplace is becoming more unpredictable and this is majorly as a result of both the advancement in technology and the current mode of doing business. Thus, to catch-up with this modern trend, organizations are now under obligation to improve staff performance through (staff) training and retraining programs. This paper is therefore an allusion to the importance of staff training and retraining programs and how this can enhance the career development of staff in an institution like Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic, Sokoto. The paper for example is of the opinion that if staff are continuously subjected to training and retraining programs their competency will be further developed and this will in turn help to eradicate complacency and obsolesces in the institution. This aside overall, it is hoped that these and other recommendations made in the paper will in the long run add value to existing knowledge on the subject matter.



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