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Isah, A. (2020). An Appraisal Of The Impact Of Grants-In-Aids (Tetfund) In Promoting Library Services In Nigeria's Academic Libraries. BAKOLORI JOURNAL OF GENERAL STUDIES, 10, 2737-2748.

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The study surveyed the impact of grants-in-aids Tertiary Education trust fund (TETFUND) in promoting library services across Sokoto and Zamfara state Tertiary institutions, Nigeria. The survey design was used to carry out the study. The vetted instrument was administered to 140 staff of different ranks across the 9 different Academic libraries in the states. The study found out that grants-in-aids have been playing crucial roles in the funding of Academic libraries, However librarians and libraries on their part were not exploiting this avenue in their collection development, infrastructure and staff training. Its recommended that more efforts in this direction should be explored by librarians and libraries and training them on grant proposal writing device other means of funding their activities for effective and efficient service delivery to its clients.



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