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Buhari, A., & Yahaya Jibrin, M. (2020). Rural Entrepreneurship And Economic Development A Study Of Zamfara State Of Nigeria. BAKOLORI JOURNAL OF GENERAL STUDIES, 10, 2902-2909.

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The economic development of any State or country largely depends on the progress of rural areas and the standard of living of rural masses as opined by Kushalakshi1 &. Raghurama (2012). Because rural entrepreneurship is the way of converting a developing country into a developed nation, therefore local entrepreneurship play an important role in the national economy, particularly in rural development. And in terms of economic value, local entrepreneurship brings an economic value to the rural sector by creating new methods of production, new markets, and new products and generates employment opportunities thereby ensuring continuous rural development; therefore, rural entrepreneur is one of the most important inputs in the economic development of a country and of regions within the country. However, in northwest region of the country, rural entrepreneur are facing many problems due to non availability of primary amenities in rural areas such as lack of education, scarce resources, lack of finance, fear of risk, lack of training and experience, limited purchasing power and competition from urban entrepreneurs. And thus, this paper makes an attempt to find out the challenges and skills for the potentiality of Rural Entrepreneurship and prospects of the same to be a successful entrepreneur in this region of the country. Both primary and secondary data were employed in the study. Secondary data is based on journals, magazines, newspapers and web.



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